Kid’s Concept

Kid's Concept focuses on wooden furniture, toys and decoration. All products are designed by a designer at Kid's Concept in Sweden. The collection consists of 80% wooden items and 20% textile. We work with different wooden materials such as, birch, pine, bamboo and rubber wood. The choice for bamboo is because it is quickly grown and can be harvested again with the same root. The material is hard and fast growing and therefore has many advantages over traditional wood. With the textiles, Kid's Concept focuses on different materials, including a collection of 100% linen produced in Latvia with a filling of corn fibers. The carpets are produced in India and are 100% cotton and GOTS and Oeko tex certified. To ensure the safety of the toy, everything is tested according to EN71 part 1,2,3. The third part examines the chemicals in the product. We never market toys without having passed all tests. Kid's Concept toys will therefore never contain harmful chemicals.